I went to visit Jill after struggling with my weight for many years. I have dieted and been up and down but finally had enough of failing. After the initial consultation I felt more positive and like a weight had been lifted (no pun intended).

I had my first session just over a month ago and the change has been amazing, my whole relationship with food changed and I finally felt in charge. I have gone from craving bread, to barely eating it at all. I am eating 3 balanced meals a day. I had another session a week or so ago and since then my portion size has drastically reduced, I’m not eating anywhere near as much and drinking much more water. I don’t feel like I have to try, it’s like I’ve always done it.

So far I have lost half a stone, which up until seeing Jill it had been a struggle to lose 1-2lb. I feel more positive and confident and it’s all down to the treatment. I couldn’t recommend Jill enough, as cheesy as it sounds, she has changed my life for the better.

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