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I visited Jill after she

I visited Jill after she was recommended to me by a friend. My anxieties were sky high which was causing issues with self confidence and anger. Over the course of 6 weeks Jill’s incredible hypnotherapy skills and understanding nature meant that I was able to put in perspective and therefore begin to deal with many… Read more “I visited Jill after she”

I booked the smoking cessation session with Jill after her services were recommended by family and it has changed my outlook not only on stopping smoking but in other parts of my life too! I’ve returned to been a non-smoker for 18 days now and can’t believe the ease with which it’s happened! I have… Read more “”

I went to visit Jill after struggling with my weight for many years. I have dieted and been up and down but finally had enough of failing. After the initial consultation I felt more positive and like a weight had been lifted (no pun intended). I had my first session just over a month ago… Read more “”

I’ve had two sessions with Jill to help combat my fear of public speaking. After my first session, I felt so much more confident. My interactions with other people were positive, and those niggling little negative thoughts I used to have about myself had gone. I had my second session last week the night before… Read more “”

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