Quit Smoking

Quit smoking for good

Whether you smoke 40 a day or consider yourself a 'social' smoker you did not start out with the intention of becoming addicted to tobacco. You may have your own personal reasons for starting. Maybe it was just that “everyone was doing it”.

You can get back to being a non-smoker in a single two-hour hypnotherapy session. It really is as easy as that! You were not born a smoker and you haven’t always been one.

Hypnotherapy can remove you from the unhealthy statistics and take you back to that pleasant place when you were not controlled by nicotine, with no more smelly clothes or nicotine-stained fingers and literally seeing your hard-earned cash go up in smoke.

Following the session you will return to being a non-smoker. However you can arrange further support if you need it.

Outside factors may affect the outcome, but your own level of commitment and motivation is the most important. Hypnotherapy is not just a wave of a magic wand. You must be prepared to play your part, be ready to stop and use the information given to you to help yourself after the session.

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